08 Jan 2012

Benefits of Graphic Design to Your Small Business

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If you run a business and you have any form of corporate identity then you should care very much. How you present your company to your chosen market is fundamental to its success.

The graphic design process is crucial to any business, making it stand out head and shoulders from the competition. Whether it is the design of an entire corporate campaign or the creation of a simple company logo it still has to work effectively for you. There are four critical elements that should be seen in every logo design:

  • It must be describable
  • It must be memorable
  • It must be effective without color
  • It must be scalable

Fairly obvious really but how does your logo stand up to these criteria? How does your company identity stand out from the competition?

Ask yourself why something is designed in a certain way. Consider why a particular colour is chosen instead of its opposite. Why use this font? Why include this particular graphic here? A good designer will think through every detail of a design and only include elements that will add to the design and re-enforce the brand.

Once your business is up and running you may think that any form of corporate identity will act to represent the company, visually creating a brand by default. Think again. If you look at the large corporations you will notice that their brand strategy stands the test of time for many years.

Many companies never change their logo design dramatically but only make the smallest of changes to keep the design looking modern and refreshed.


  • Professional image
  • Considered and long-lasting design strategy
  • Make your company look bigger
  • Stand out from your competition
  • More effective
08 Jan 2012

The Importance of Having A Mobile Website for A Small Business

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Over the last few years or so, the importance of mobile websites has increased rapidly. With more and more mobile handsets becoming internet enabled, web users expect to be able to use the internet whenever and wherever they like. Unfortunately however not all handsets are yet provided computer standard browsing experience, and for those that are, limited screen space means that some websites are not most enjoyable to browse via mobile. If you have a small business, designing and developing an effective mobile website is key to providing your customers with a flawless web experience that they will return to again and again. Plus, it ensures that customers can find out about your business services and products with less hassle when on the go.

Here are a few other reasons a mobile website is important to any small business and its customers:

Instant Gratification & Convenience for Customers

In a web and media obsessed society where people are always busy,customers are increasingly eager to be entertained or informed at every-time of the day. Previously mundane periods of time (such as waiting for public transport) can now be filled with stimulation via the internet on our mobiles. If mobile users choose to visit yourbusiness website they will be hoping to find what they need as quickly as possible. Developing a site that is hassle-free and convenient is key to providing your customers the instant gratification they are looking for, whether this is latest news, info, contact details or product prices. Over complicated web experiences, such as using full-scale sites from a mobile handset, can see mobile users go elsewhere.

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21 Apr 2011

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21 Apr 2011

Joomla Website Design

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21 Apr 2011

Family Day Flier

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