24 Jun 2013

Top 10 Web Site Mistakes

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It takes more than just having a web site to make the Internet work for your business. The web environment is now more competitive than ever. Time and time again I see the same fundamental web site mistakes being made. It really pays to seek out a digital marketing specialist to ensure your web site is actually working for your business. Website optimisation is critical. Below are the Top 10 Web Site Mistakes that your competitors already know about.

1.  Having no clear web site strategy

Your web site should either be focused on either generating genuine enquiries or selling online. Brochure type web sites simply don’t cut it anymore.  If your web site is not focused on driving an action from site visitors then why bother? This is website optimisation rule No.1

2.  Weak branding

A web site is the corner stone of your marketing and therefore must clearly communicate your brand attributes, benefits and values.  It should also clearly communicate your uniqueness vs. competitors.

3.  Focus on products and services

Too many web sites specifically focus on products and services, instead of how your business addresses the concerns and needs of the buyer.  It should be clear from the outset what specific niche markets your products/services are specifically designed for.

Identify the different reasons your target market engages your services or purchases your products.  We call these different reasons “Buyer Persona’s”.  Generate specific content on your web site for each buyer persona

4.  Poor design and functionality

Website optimisation rule No.4 relates to design and functionality. Your web site design must not only be presentable, but also focus on helping visitors quickly meet their goals when visiting your site.  Steer away from the overuse of flash. People want information quickly, and don’t want to be bothered every time they visit your site with a flash intro that takes forever to load.

5.  Web site copy written for your peers

Frame your language and images to that of your target market and not that of your peers.  Your message has a greater chance of resonating with your target market.  Keep industry jargon to a minimum. This particular website optimisation rule helps increase conversion rates.

6.  No call to action

I am always surprised at how many web sites have very little or no strong calls to action.  It is important that site visitors take some type of action when they visit your site.  Whether it is to sign up for an e-book, e-newsletter, or make a sales enquiry or purchase. Website optimisation rule No.6 is non-negotiable.

7.  Not collecting email addresses.

Every visitor who leaves your site without sharing their contact information is an opportunity lost.  Provide visitors an incentive to sign up by offering a free e-newsletter, special report or FREE gift.  You need to build a list of prospective customers that you can nurture. Website optimisation rule No.7 is one of the most important.

8.  Not optimising your web site for search engines

There is no point having a web site if it can’t be found on the internet. In order for your web site to be found on Google you need to invest in search engine optimisation (SEO).  Website optimisation rule No.8 should be a no-brainer.

9.  Not regularly updating your web site

Google rewards web sites that regularly update their content. Keep your content fresh to sustain the interest of site visitors. Keep them coming back.

10.  Not tracking web site performance

There a free tools such as Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer that help track and improve the performance of your web site.  Through the use of these tools you can test variations of your web pages to determine what techniques increase conversion.

23 Jun 2013

Why Everyone Needs Their Own Web Site

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Do you want a web site? Are you considering getting one but are unconvinced? Here we look at the main reasons why a web site could be valuable to you.

A personal or business web site will furnish you with a competitive edge.  If you do not have one people cannot find you or what you have to offer. Your competitors who have web sites will be attracting potential customers, and they could be your customers. It will be a valuable method of promotion. A web site is not a replacement for other advertising methods but works very successfully alongside it to enhance your image.

Your domain name can then be added to other printed media; places where many people expect to find your web site details. It will enhance your standing because people these days will expect you to have a web site. If they hear about your organization the first thing many of them will do will be to look on the Internet to see if they can find your web site.

It will enhance your communication efforts. Communication with prospective customers and clients is of great consequence these days. A web site can provide all of your contact details, including email addresses. Many people choose to make contact via email, as it is fast, trouble-free, economical and convenient. It will be on hand around the clock because your web site works for you day and night giving constant coverage.  You will have a global audience. Your services will be accessible for viewing locally, nationally and internationally, creating a great deal more responsiveness to your services and a potentially larger consumer base.

It can be easily reorganized, the information on your web site can be quickly and easily updated to include changes to your products, services, special offers or contact details. You can trade online; your web site can act as an online brochure, putting your products and services where people can see them.

In conclusion, one of the greatest advantages to having your own web site is that you and your business will exude professionalism. A website builds an image, it indicates your creditability to customers and they take you to be an expert in your field. So, armed with these facts, you should now be able to recognize that a web site can provide many more advantages than drawbacks.

22 Jun 2013

The Importance of Quality Web Design

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Let’s take a look at a few different areas where a web design team can focus their efforts on increasing the bottom line for business and getting a large presence online.

Web Design That Works

Did you know that you only have a few seconds to engage a user who is browsing through the internet? With billions of web sites out there, how are you going to stop someone when they are at your web site, get them engage and interested? The majority of people will visit a web site and if they don’t see something they like, they are gone within a few seconds.

Through the use of a web design team, the need for creating web site designs that grab the attention of the user, by focusing on call to action wording, colors and placement on your web sites is key. If you simply threw together a web site for your business, without having an end goal or the average user in mind, you may be doing more harm than good with your web site.

Start Accepting Sales and Leads Online

One of the most important and effective ways to use a web site, is for collecting new data, leads and increasing sales. Grafik Detail can help setup an online store for you and you can start bringing in new sales and leads 24 hours a day.

Not only will we create an online store that matches the look and feel of your current web site or brand, but we will focus on monetization of your site and the user navigation, so your site users can easily work their way through your site without getting lost or having any questions. The end goal of an ecommerce site is to drive sales with high conversions. The last thing you want is to confuse the user. Is your web site current accepting online orders and producing sales? Through the use of a web design team, you can have a 24 hour sales machine of your own.

Web Site Content, Logo Design, Applications and More

In addition to web design and accepting sales through web sites, there are also many other factors to creating a successful business online, such as having the proper web site content, which helps with getting your sites ranked in the search engines. Having a custom logo design is also important, as this will play into building a powerful brand for your business. It’s also always important to have a powerful business management platform to handle all of your sales and book keeping. Application design work is another option, for any companies or organizations who want to create their own in house software.

05 Oct 2012

Landing Page & eMail

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05 Oct 2012

Landing Page & eMail

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