27 Sep 2012

What Suits Better – A Free WordPress Blog or a Self Hosted WordPress Blog?

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This is the most confusing question that swirls around in every blogger’s mind, whether to start with a free WordPress blog or host your own WordPress blog? For those who do not know the difference between a free WordPress blog and a self hosted WordPress blog, let us have the privilege of giving you a brief introduction about both of them.

You can obtain a free WordPress blog just by simply signing up at WordPress.com and the username that you put in the username box becomes your blog name. For instance : if you type ‘howdoyoustartablog’ in the username, this ‘howdoyoustartablog’ becomes your blog name in free your WordPress blog site. Whereas, on the other hand, the self hosted WordPress blog would be on your own domain, on the site where you would install the WordPress software on. That WordPress software will become the blogging system of your site that will manage all the content of your site. Nowadays, many hosting companies use push button software such as Fantastico Deluxe or Simple Scripts, which makes the WordPress installation quite easy.

Now that you have gained all the relevant knowledge about free WordPress blogs and self hosted WordPress blogs, let us have a look on their pros and cons :

FREE WORDPRESS BLOG : First lets dig into the pros and cons of a free WordPress blog

Pros :

  • Setup does not require any cost. It is totally free.
  • The installation and then setup is very easy, as software install is already done by WordPress
  • Maintenance is totally free. All the maintenance work such as, setup, upgrades, spam, security, backups, etc everything is already done by WordPress.
  • You can totally rely on the server, as the server hosting site are actual WordPress.com servers
  • As blog will be the part of WordPress community, you might see an increase in the traffic from the WordPress community

Cons :

  • You cannot upload or update a non-WordPress provided theme on a free WordPress blog
  • You would not be able to change or edit any of the Php programming which is very useful for adding all unlimited functionalities and customization
  • Although the WordPress plugin community is very huge, but you would not be able to upload any other plugin other than WordPress
  • You would not be able to allow any ad placements on your blog, moreover WordPress will put their own ads on your blog

SELF-HOSTED WORDPRESS BLOG : Now lets dig into the pros and cons of a self hosted WordPress blog

Pros :

  • You can upload your own WordPress theme or non WordPress themes to your blog. Self hosted WordPress blog offers thousands of third party themes and allows you to choose any theme according to your choice
  • You can change the Php code as per your desires, which enables you to experience unlimited functionalities as there is a large community of WordPress developers who offer some great scripts for adding functions to your site.
  • iPhone has a motto “There’s an app for that” . While working on a self hosted WordPress blog you can upload many plugins, which means WordPress should keep its motto “There’s a plugin for that” .
  • With self hosted WordPress blog, you cannot only edit or change the code and themes, but you can add your own add placements and add monetization.
  • The basic yet main benefit, you can have your own brand name or domain name
  • You can have access to ftp that allows you to load separate landing pages and downloads outside of your WordPress site.

Cons :

  • Although, mostly all hosting companies offer push button installation through “Fantastico Deluxe” or “Simple Scripts” , but you will need to setup yourself.
  • To setup your site, you will have to pay some costs. The cost of domain names and hosting might vary from $5 to $15 a month.
  • Unlike free WordPress blog, here you will have to maintain your site on your own which includes spam control, security, and backup, etc.You will have some plugins to help you but still you will have to handle everything yourself
  • Of course you would not want any crashes in your site to bother you, hence you will have to find reliable servers. Many hosting companies nowadays provide well and reliable servers.

We would like to enlist some more things that might be of some importance to you :

Self hosted WordPress blog can allow you to experience some more benefits like, monetization of your blog with AdSense, you can add your own custom look and feel, access to a lot of WordPress themes, and then comes the major plugin – working with thousands of plugins. On the other hand, if you want the basic blogging features like the traditional blogging sense, then you need a free WordPress blog

Hope you got a little insight of what we wanted to tell you. Now it is totally up to you, which WordPress blog suits your requirements.

27 Sep 2012

What are the Benefits of Graphic Design and Why Should You Care?

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If you run a business and you have any form of corporate identity then you should care very much. How you present your company to your chosen market is fundamental to its success.

The graphic design process is crucial to any business, making it stand out head and shoulders from the competition. Whether it is the design of an entire corporate campaign or the creation of a simple company logo it still has to work effectively for you. There are four critical elements that should be seen in every logo design:

  • It must be describable
  • It must be memorable
  • It must be effective without color
  • It must be scalable

Fairly obvious really but how does your logo stand up to these criteria? How does your company identity stand out from the competition?

Ask yourself why something is designed in a certain way. Consider why a particular colour is chosen instead of its opposite. Why use this font? Why include this particular graphic here? A good designer will think through every detail of a design and only include elements that will add to the design and re-enforce the brand.

Once your business is up and running you may think that any form of corporate identity will act to represent the company, visually creating a brand by default. Think again. If you look at the large corporations you will notice that their brand strategy stands the test of time for many years.

Many companies never change their logo design dramatically but only make the smallest of changes to keep the design looking modern and refreshed.


  • Professional image
  • Considered and long-lasting design strategy
  • Make your company look bigger
  • Stand out from your competition
  • More effective
24 Sep 2012

Designing Flyers for a Mobile Car Washing Business

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When designing Flyers for a mobile car wash business it pays to consider the quote; Keep It Simple Stupid! There are a few other things to consider as well. Your phone number should be at the top and bold. The Flyers should be on card stock paper. The Flyers should be a bright color but not fluorescent.

The shape and size of the flier should be a unique area. For instance it should not be a half sheet of paper or a whole sheet of paper. A third of a sheet of paper might be better or something less than a quarter sheet of paper.

You should be careful when pricing because some people have extra dirty cars and if you put on your flier that a vacuum is three dollars or five dollars then you might find yourself vacuuming out the back of a minivan of a customer that has three small children and two Irish setters which has not been vacuumed for three years.

You might also be surprised how long the shelf life of these fliers can last. We have seen flyers come back three or four years after we handed them out. People put them under their desk or in a drawer or in the glove box and then they find them. If you’re not careful with your pricing you may be very sorry that you’re washing someone’s car for only five dollars, which was an introductory offer five years ago.

24 Sep 2012

Web Design for Small Businesses

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Everything is subjected to first impressions. Why else do you think such things, as advertising, branding, and packaging are so important? Why do you think they exist in the fist place? Let’s face it. It is only with appropriate selling and marketing strategies are consumers driven to choose one product over another.

In the vast world of the Internet where literally millions of Web sites compete for attention, the same principle runs the show. It is also a world where anybody can play the numbers game. All that is needed is an exciting web design powered by a reliable hosting system. Important factors such as creativity and accessibility can empower even a small business startup.

Nowadays, a company need not be an international player to have its own Web site. Businesses of all kinds and sizes are finding the importance of being accessible online. It helps that programmers and designers are learning to customize their services and products to suit small business needs.

A small business Web presence may not require the same complex design of an expensive Web site for a bigger business. But it does not have to look like an amateur was hired to do it. With just a little more investment, small businesses can get the professional treatment they deserve.

With talented Web designers and developers a call or click away, less expensive business Web designs that offer exciting solutions and features are available for more people. Small businesses can now avail of sophisticated-looking Web sites that used to be affordable only to large corporations with big budgets for marketing and public relations. The key is to choose the right service provider or web design agency to handle the project.

When choosing a Web designer, small businesses must also look beyond the cost. They must also consider the kind of design they are purchasing. It is important that the Web design is flexible enough to accommodate adjustments and updates without major reprogramming. This is an important requirement that small businesses should insist on. This is the only way the small business can have less reliance on the Web developer for the Web site maintenance. The key is being self-reliant in the long run. This will translate to less cash spent on professional fees.

12 Aug 2012

Why custom website designing works for small businesses?

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It is not uncommon to find even small businesses having their own website. But just having a website does not ensure the growth of business. It is essential to have well designed website that helps business across different industry verticals in establishing their online presence. Template based designing, which was once a hit with small businesses is no more a craze. In fact, today customized business website design is more in vogue.

One of the major reasons of customized website designing being so popular is the flexibility it offers in designing. It allows not just choosing the aesthetics factors of templates but also the functioning of the website. A website template allows selecting the colour schemes, layout and other related aspects. The functionality factor of a website is mainly concerned with the user friendly navigation, the mark of a professional web page. Websites for small, medium or large business enterprises need to be in sync with the market trends so as to keep pace with big players and yet appear distinct in the crowd.

There are several business website design companies up for help, but providing a totally cent percent unique website is still not guaranteed. One would be surprised to find that the same layout and template is used by many others and if it has gained popularity in the market, may be even hundreds of them. Where does the USP of any website exist?

Professional business web design companies specialising in custom made websites allows the freedom to design an entirely different website thereby minimising the probability of plagiarism. The best part is that the amendments are possible until the desired design is achieved. Custom made business website design provides an upper hand to the small business owners in choosing a website tailored to suit their business requirements. The same does not hold true for CMS based ready-made websites.

Since the numbers of service providers are large in numbers, confusions are genuine. There are many websites that mainly focus on content and others on just the visual aspects. Ensuring a balance between the two is recommended. When one approaches professional web services for consulting, they too add their own inputs making the decision even tougher. To avoid such situations, it is important that one must be clear with the business plans. Planning for business is no rocket science; it is more about setting the priorities right.